Exquisite Egyptian Maus

With an elegant body that is randomly spotted, banded legs and tail, expressive gooseberry green eyes, distinctive mascara lines, a worried expression on the face, and a graceful cheetah-like stride, it is no wonder that the Egyptian Mau attracts such a tremendous amount of attention at cat shows.

Breathtaking is the word that first comes to mind as I think of the Egyptian Mau. I will always remember the first time that I walked into a room only to see one of these silver spotted athletes turn a green-eyed gaze my way. As I was in that moment, I continue to be, totally mesmerized by the sheer grace, intelligence, beauty and presence of this cat that was once adored and worshipped by ancient Egyptian kings and pharaohs. Still today, the Mau is a rare and precious treasure.

If you think that you might be interested in a KarMau kitten please email us or fill out our Prospective Owner Questionnaire.

KarMau has been honored to grow under the mentorship of Melanie Morgan and Emau Cattery (emaucats@louisa.com). Melanie is readily considered as the foremost Egyptian Mau breeder in the world today. KarMau’s goal is to reflect a directed dedication and passion for the preservation and advancement of the Egyptian Mau.