Prospective Buyers

It is very important to me to know that I am placing cats/kittens into homes that suit their personalities and that they, in turn, suit the lifestyles of their new families. In order to assure this, I would like to get to know my prospective owners a little. Please fill out either the online form below or contact me.

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Breed & Care Information

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How much time will the cat spend alone during the day?

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Will you be willing to agree to NOT declaw your cat?
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Would you be willing to provide periodic updates on the cat, including pictures?

Do you have your own vet? How far a drive is it to reach the vet?

If you have had pets how often did/do you take them to the vet?

Are you able (if necessary) to manage food portions for your pets?

Pet History

What kinds of animals have you owned?

What animals live within your home currently? Their ages?

Have you ever had to give an animal to a shelter or find another home for them? If so,why?

Have you ever had to give up an animal or have it euthanized? If so, why?

Cat Specifics

What temperament do you like in a pet?

What would be your biggest concern is adopting a cat opposed to a kitten?

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Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions and please understand that, as with most Mau breeders, we are particular when choosing homes for our kittens/cats.  Maus are a rare and treasured breed and each one deserves the best.